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Lucy Dahill working on a Television Production for the ABC Splash Live Program

Television Producer

Lucy Dahill has worked in television for much of her working life, only taking a break to raise her children and work in Complementary Health.

She has worked in London, New York and Sydney with small independents and large broadcasters (Discovery Channel Europe and the ABC) and as a result understands the importance of stakeholder management, communication and engagement. She has been the broadcaster's eyes from concept to delivery and enjoys taking the lead on projects where needed.

She worked on the ABC Splash Education Portal and was at the birth of the Splash Live events as a Production Manager which offered livestreaming events for schools. This involved creating a fun, interactive and innovative way of offering schools an opportunity to join in with an educational show which was livestreamed during school hours. We worked with a live studio audience as well as interacting with questions coming in from the livestream audience. This show was also taken on location. We covered Vikings, Sustainable Gardens, Gaming, Making the News, Coding and Robots to name a few. It was a very small team and Lucy got more and more involved finally taking a researcher and producer role for the last ‘Robots’ episode.

Whilst working in Digital Networks at the ABC, she also lead the Mental Health 2014 project offering ‘Being Me’ which had the highest engagement for the ABC Splash online portal at the time.

Her current training and focus in public health and youth work and her background in research and producing means she is perfectly placed to bring a new and fresh approach to television when the right project comes up. She is keenly aware that television is a powerful medium for life-changing education in the area of public mental and physical health.

Lucy is currently Head of Production at Gordian Media, an independent production company set up with her husband. She is on proposals for how we can address the growing obesity epidemic by looking at the inordinate increase of sugar in our diet. Looking below the surface of what we have taken as normal. The current generation is the first generation with a potentially shorter life expectancy than their parents, why is that? Where do the patterns of behaviour that lead to that end result start? Can we change the trajectory?

The cost of this problem is played out in the very personal shorter life expectancy and the societal impact in the breakdown of the health system under the financial pressure of supporting the increase in illness and disease impacted by this epidemic.

If you have stories you want to share or are interested in working with Lucy on this or other projects please contact her.

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