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Lucy Dahill has a wealth of experience in a variety of industries from media to healthcare. She is a passionate writer, youth worker, public health advocate, complementary healing practitioner, radio presenter and more...


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Radio is a passion of Lucy’s. She first connected with radio after leaving University and discovered what an intimate medium it was for discussing life. She brought her talents to the world of television for a number of years, but has now come full circle to community radio and her show Stay in the Loop with Lucy on 2HHH.

It is a show that encourages us all to stay engaged in life, to see what we sometimes don’t want to see as this supports both our mental and physical health. Children wil often look at life in a much simpler way than adults and The Emporer's new clothes always inspired Lucy to consider what could be presented on radio – calling out some of the discrepancies between what we say and what we do.

The shows have covered many subjects with key areas of focus being domestic violence, relationships, homelessness, refugees, corruption, men's health, women's health and parenting.

The 2017 season will continue to bring fresh insights into these topics and source great interviews with local people who have taken their work onto a global scale, as well as others who have been working at a National and International level and are now bringing their work back to the local community.

Lucy has been an active member of the 2HHH outside broadcasting team, taking the radio station out into the community. Outside broadcasts include Anzac Day which is led by Neil Ashworth from his show StreetBeat, International Women's Day, San Run For Life and school fairs to name a few. Please get in touch if you would like Triple H to come to your event.

Lucy supported Triple H on the membership committee, the board, and now combines her public health work with her community radio endeavours. She is always looking for new and interesting subjects, or different angles of pre-aired topics - there are always fresh eyes and different perspectives.

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