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Youth Work Hornsby Ku-ring-gai

The Why Be You Project

Lucy founded Why Be You in 2012, a parenting enterprise that offers parents a platform through blogs, programs and workshops, to consider the challenges faced as parents and how to bring simple, practical strategies into daily living that allow for greater harmony in the home. This morphed to Back to Basics Parenting as it became more important to support parents as they supported their children.

From this, 'Big Little Kids' was born, an audio series offering young people the space to communicate with parents about issues and topics relating to adolescence and the challenges that exist in their day to day lives. 'Big Little Kids' also offers a wonderful opportunity for parents to really listen to what might be going on in a teenagers world.

Lucy knows from personal as well as professional experience that each child is unique, and therefore there is no one size fits all approach or solution - connection to each other is the key and this is at the core of Lucy's presentations and programs. She currently runs programs through schools as well as Parents At Work. Check out the Parents at Work, Big Little Kids and Stay in the Look with Lucy audios through this link.

For Lucy, this is also public health, this is about working upstream and in a prevention model by supporting parents to support the next generation to be independent, engaged and loving young adults. To that end she works in a voluntary capacity to chair the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Youth Mental Health Forum Planning Committee. This involves working with a number of youth agencies to facilitate a forum for building greater awareness around mental health education, from reducing stigma to empowering young people to be health advocates in their own schools and lives. The event happens in Youth Week each year. 

The mentoring organisation StreetWork offered an opportunity for greater understanding of the importance of walking beside young people as opposed to telling them how to grow up or what decisions to make. She volunteered in a police advocacy role and then did work placement there before being employed to work there as a youth worker and then manager for the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai area. She volunteered to set up a local advisory council in the area to ensure ongoing funding for youth services. This was a challenging role but made easier by the relationships she already had with youth services in the area. She completed this role in 2018 to allow more room for her studies and a fresh work opportunity working with groups of students in a more formalised setting.

If you would like to book Lucy for a presentation or talk please email her via the contact form.

If you would like to hear more about the programs and initiatives Lucy runs or read some of her more specific youth and parenting blogs then check out the Back 2 Basics Parenting site linked below.

These young people are not broken, they are disillusioned with life, with adults and often with themselves. Non-judgement and understanding is a rare commodity which is at the forefront and constantly being developed in this work.

b2b Parenting
Lucy Dahill
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