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Lucy Dahill has a wealth of experience in a variety of industries from media to healthcare. She is a passionate writer, youth worker, public health advocate, complementary healing practitioner, radio presenter and more...


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Public Health

Lucy has a Masters in Public Health through the University of Technology Sydney’s inaugural Public Health Program with a strong focus on youth mental and physical health and how the experiences of youth lay foundations for lifestyle behaviours and choices later in life. With the inordinate rise of non-communicable diseases which have clear correlation to lifestyle choices, this is an area Lucy feels we can bring great change to, simply by understanding why we do what we do and why we choose what we choose. Her primary focus is education and prevention through workshops and programs both in person and via digital mediums.

Lucy has developed this understanding by meeting and interviewing many people who can offer us understanding into different facets of the human psyche through her work on community radio show Stay in the Loop with Lucy.

Much of the research gleaned through her study, life experiences and interviews also translates into activity through events that raise awareness of health issues. These are done through community events such as the International Women’s Day Festival  and the International Men's Day Event in Hornsby city centre. These are now annual events bringing together community, experiences and opportunities for men and women to be more aware of themselves and their health as a no 1 priority in order to bring that to other areas of their lives. In 2019 the work Lucy has done with supporting awareness around Women's Health and wellbeing expanded to include Wellbeing for Women, an initiative to host monthly wellbeing groups with other local community women who are fundamental to the International Women's Day Festival each year.

Lucy offers parenting programs, young women's groups, youth groups and talks at schools and community groups offering practical and applicable insights into how we can be and live the change we want to see in our lives. The focus of her ongoing research is be around disordered eating and the patterns of behaviour which start in adolescence and have life threatening consequences in adult life through non-communicable diseases.

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Explore Lucy's research and reflections on how we can bring change into our lives and in doing so transform the larger picture of public health at her blog.


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