Parenting Through The HSC

Parenting Through The HSC is one of a series of talks presented by Lucy Dahill throughout the school year.


Most parents and young people dread this 3-letter word and very often this whole year, but does it need to be that way? Is there a way we can approach the HSC that keeps it in perspective? All too often we see the youth suicide rate increase with study pressure. This presentation shares simple ways we can bring more awareness to the larger picture of mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Presentations are offered through schools with a focus on primary prevention strategies that support both parents and young people to build and sustain more connected relationships during stressful times.


Hosting this talk in your school raises funds for StreetWork’s youth mentoring program Kickstart.

Event Details


Date – 22nd November Turramurra High School 17:30


Various dates will be added through the calendar year both online and in schools. Contact Lucy for more information.


Speaker | Presenter | Program Facilitator | Public Health Advocate working to build decency & respect in our communities

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