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Lucy Dahill has a wealth of experience in a variety of industries from media to healthcare. She is a passionate writer, youth worker, public health advocate, complementary healing practitioner, radio presenter and more...


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Complementary Healing Practitioner

Lucy Dahill has been working in the health industry for the last 11 years in one capacity or another. Initially training in aromatherapy and end of life care, her primary focus has always been to offer nurturing to those at vulnerable and stressful times in their lives. Coming to Australia saw a focus in remedial massage as well as myofascial release till she connected with the Esoteric Healing Therapies.

This required much more focus on her responsibility as a practitioner to ‘walk her talk’ and to take responsibility for the way she was living to ensure she was not asking a client to do anything she had not worked through in her own life and body. This is an ever-evolving experience and one she embraces willingly. The difference Lucy has noticed in her clients has given her a clear indication of the responsibility she has as a practitioner in the way she lives and the effect it can have on her clients.

Lucy has studied Esoteric Chakra-puncture, Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy, Sacred Esoteric Healing and Esoteric Massage Therapy.

She was a founding partner of Gentle Rhythms Clinic with Katie Walls till 2016 where she offered clients an opportunity to reset the stress-o-metre of their busy lives, encompassing Women’s Health, stress management and anxiety support.  Her focus on parents, family dynamics and working with children led her to study Youth Work and develop programs to support young people through the teenage years. During this time she set up Why Be You to encompass the focused work she was doing with teens.

Due to a heavy workload Lucy is unable to offer regular appointments but offers monthly sessions to regular clients. What has been clear is that body work is a wonderful way to let go of old patterns that can hinder us moving forward. If you would like to talk to Lucy about an appointment please contact her below, if she is unable to accommodate you she will recommend a suitable local practitioner for you to consider.

She is a member of the Esoteric Practitioners’ Association.