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  • Lucy Dahill

International Women's Day 2017

International Women's Day 2017 Hornsby Mall

The interest and success of International Women’s Day 2016 gave me a clearer picture of how we can bring the International awareness days to support a local community. This year’s theme is #BeBoldForChange and in my experience change is something people do not always find very easy.

So how could we bring a community event to the local area that would encourage change but also support women to see that change does not need to be some enormous show – a demonstration or an earth-shattering event?

The answer was to offer a practical experience of how small changes can be made and see the impact they can have on the larger picture. Self-care is a foundational building block for maintaining change and therefore this is the focus of our event. #YouComeFirst. Unless we look after ourselves, everything we do and commit to, falls over.

Check out a few of the amazing opportunities on offer:

  • Experience mini healing massage and facial sessions

  • Henna hand painting

  • International Women's Day Nail art

  • An opportunities to make flower crowns

  • Get a check in on your bra support

  • Speak to BreastScreening NSW

  • Find out about healthy eating

  • Join in with an outside exercise class

  • Local health services

  • Financial services

  • Psychological services

  • Domestic Violence awareness

See what female-centric services are available in the local community area and ensure we are culturally diverse in our approach and support

We will have raffle tickets on sale and a BBQ run by the local community radio station TripleH 100.1fm.

To top it all, if you cannot be there in person you can listen in as the whole thing will be broadcast live on 100.1fm and streamed through the TripleH website.

I am sure we will all learn just as much from running the event this year as we did from last years event, but heavens I am so excited to see this gathering of women ready to support each other in our local community and beyond.


International Women's Day Hornsby Ku-ring-gai 2017 Flyer

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